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Smiling Testimonials

“In a world of technical solutions, converging societies and globalisation, there are still some truisms in humanity that cannot be “spun” or misinterpreted, one of which is the warmth of the human smile.


Amidst the brutality of war in Iraq the endless attempts to feed starving children in Haiti, the thankless separating of belligerents in Bosnia and Kosovo, or providing humanitarian assistance to Central America, the enduring power of the human smile still spans the barriers of culture, language, and hatred.


Elan Sun Star has captured and reminded us of this truism and I have witnessed his premise at the most basic levels of human endeavour for over 24 years in the United States Army.


Smile! Is a must read for those who have lost their ability to smile.  It can change our planet.”


Colonel Christopher P. Hughes

Commander, Joint Task Force Brave

Soto Cano Airbase, Honduras

“If you only read one book, read Smile!

In my super active 50 years of training Hollywood’s celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Betty Grable, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Rita Hayworth, Marlon Brando, Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe, Chuck Norris, Tyrone Power, Matt Dillon, business tycoons like H. L. Hunt, athletes like Rocky Marciano, and astronauts like James Lovell and Alan Shepard, and thousands of others, I have seen the power of the human smile to empower and transform and to bring health and vitality as well as love and admiration and charisma and even self esteem.

All of my world famous clients were famous because of their endearing and charismatic smiles…the same smiles that you possess.

Smile! is a book you will want share with others and return to again and again to inspire yourself and brighten your day and your attitude.

The research in this powerful book is scientific as well as anecdotal and it reminds us of the power we hold in the ability to Smile.”

Dr Bob Delmonteque, N.D. Trainer and coach to thousands of Hollywood stars and CEOs and astronauts and athletes since 1940.

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