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Heartful Praise for Smile!


I always tell people who come to pray in my synagogue that it doesn’t matter if they know the words or melodies, as long as they keep a smile on their face as they seek to access the Divine.

The joyous spiritual energy of the universe is  God’s Smile—and as long as we smile we open the gates of heaven and connect to God’s love.

Read this book SMILE! and keep smiling!”

Rabbi Michael Lerner,

editor Tikkun Magazine

Chair, The Network of Spiritual Progressives


“In this beautiful book, Smile!  Elan Sun Star shows the world how to refine its greatest asset; the human smile.

This work is thorough on the subject of smiling and instructs as well as inspires. This simple skill (smiling) can change your life as well as the lives of others who come into your visual range.

Read this book and smile at someone today.”

Tim Sanders, author The Likeability Factor: How To Boost Your L-Factor And Achieve Your Life’s Dreams; Love is the Killer App . New York Times and international bestseller.

“A book of smiles is a gift to everyone, for as someone said, "Everyone smiles in the same language." From research we have conducted at the Institute of HeartMath, we know that a genuine smile, while shown on the face, emanates from the heart and is an expression of our complete inner and outer selves.

This collection of Smiles should gladden everyone's heart – and thus lead to more smiles!”


Rollin McCraty, Director of Research

The Institute of HeartMath

“…For decades Elan Sun Star’s brilliant photography created a sense of joy and well being for those lucky enough to see his work. Now Sun has taken his art to a new level!

Elan’s new book SMILE! combines the healing message of smiling to prove the power of the human smile with the beauty of the world through his camera lens and insights.

SMILE! is literally a magical blend of and insightful interviews with researchers; poets; physicians and philosophers…”


Mo Siegel

Founder of Celestial Seasonings Tea Company; Board of Whole Foods Company

“Much of our time is spent working so diligently at improving ourselves and our lot in life. I am among those in the thick of it, coaching others to do so as they discover their ho‘ohana, their on-purpose intention and passion in the work they do, as a celebration of the aloha spirit naturally innate to them.

I often find that we make it so much harder than it has to be, however now we have Smile! and inspiration for more aloha with ease.

Sun has given all of us a magnificent gift with his book, for he has helped us understand that smiling is a way to share our aloha instantly and so naturally; he has given us more than enough proof that we must smile more for our own well-being in doing so, and he shows us through pictures which speak volumes in their contagiousness of spirit, inspiring us so joyously.

Smile! and know the joy you were meant to feel in each living moment.”

Rosa Say, founder and head coach of Say Leadership Coaching, and author of

Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business.

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